Making banking and crypto wallets accessible and usable for everyone

Providing the market with a fully customizable, crossplatform starter mobile crypto currency and banking application using the Flutter™ framework

Fully Secure

Regular security updates

Fully Customizable

Add your own features

Banking and Fintech extendable app

Let us help you deliver a full featured app so that your customers have access to the latest technology. We will take care of the commodity code while you build your product or help your customers succeed financially . We include beautiful iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Web fintech/banking apps with automated build/test and release to the app or beta stores. Our app can easily be extended with easy to write Dart code and the Flutter framework. We can work within your teams process or work independently. We can cover all the UI and backend coding for you and even integrate your systems if needed for some features. We take care of the security and technology headaches for you. 

Fast time to market, we can have a pilot release within 7 days

    • Data encryption in transit and at rest
    • AI based fraud detection
    • Multi factor authentication with biometric, device fingerprint, OpenID, Oauth2, Webauthn
    • Automated integration, unit and A/B testing
    • Integrated analytics with extracts and reporting
    • Feature flags at compile and run time to add/remove features
    • Theme builder tool to customize 100% of the UI to your brand using Figma or Adobe assets as a base
    • Extendable Dart code using clean coding and our clean architecture framework
    • KYC, Bill pay, direct deposit, account opening, international wire transfer, check deposit, ACH
    • Crypto wallets for many currencies
    • Server side and app ready for PCI compliance audit
    • Secure coding best practices
    • Flutter training and mentoring

Some of our capabilities

Discover ACME team

Not sure how to get started with an application transformation? The Acme team can help get you started with vision and a roadmap so that you can start down the path of providing your users with feature-rich, secure application solutions that can be made available across a wide range of today’s devices!

Beta Testing

Using Google beta and TestFlight to collect valuable feedback before releasing.


Analyze the viability of your project idea by releasing build software to a small set of customers in a controlled fashion.

Plugin Development

Extend the functionality of your applications by writing plugins as simple or as complicated as you need them

Secure Experience

Automate provisioning of user accounts, secure Single Sign-On, optimize user experience of your product and protect your apps by adding an additional layer of security.

White Label Apps

We offer white label app development making branding very easy and simple as these are ready made and fully integrated for you.

Rapid Prototypes

Reduce your design-to-production timeline from months to weeks and explore new possibilities in a reliable manner.

From consulting to building applications!

Need to come up with a full package application with an agile development process?