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Social Genius™

Simplifying Content Creation and Social Media Management into one Workflow

Social Genius is an all rounder application that helps to create content, post content into multiple social media channels, analyze the performance of the post and manage conversations of multiple social media channels all in one app.


Social Genius utilizes advanced generative AI models to assist users in generating various types of contents such as slides, images, videos, articles, blog posts, social media posts, and more. Thus, maintaining a high level of quality, relevance and time efficiency in content creation.


Social Genius has scheduling and content curation features. This app aims to streamline the social media posting process and assist users in planning, creating, and scheduling content across different platforms.


Social Genius is designed to gather, analyze, and present comprehensive data related to social media performance, enabling social media managers to make informed decisions and optimize their social media strategies.


Social Genius has unified conversations feature, allowing users to link and manage conversations from multiple social channels within a single platform.

AI content creation

Wide range of AI contents from just text

The application assists users in generating content by enabling them to describe any subject. This results in the immediate creation of an initial draft for various types of content, utilizing generative AI to produce text, images, and videos.


Create & manage posts instantly

For content posting, the app allows users to directly share the generated content across numerous social media platforms. This convenience stems from the app’s capability to link all necessary social media channels within the same interface.

Social Analytics

Analytics from all social media channels

For content analysis, the app furnishes a comprehensive report encompassing posts originating from various social media platforms.

Social Conversations

Check Messages, emails & comments

For conversation management, the app offers a means to access the email inbox, messages, and comments across all social media platforms. This enhances awareness and notification across all channels.

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