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IT consulting and staff Augmentation

We can provide you with a scrum team to help you move forward with your your digital transformation. One or more of the Acme scrum teams can help get you started with your vision and roadmap. Our multi disciplinary teams take on the burden of providing a feature-rich and secure application that runs on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web. Our scrum teams include a product designer, a scrum master, a dev-ops specialist and a mobile architect as well as software developers.
iT consulting

We offer expert IT consulting services to help businesses of all sizes navigate the complex world of technology and achieve their goals.

IT staff augmentation

Expand your workforce without the hassle of traditional hiring with staff augmentation. This model allows you to easily scale your team without the investment of time and resources required for recruitment and hiring.

Services we provide for IT consulting

Software Development

Helping clients to develop and implement cloud computing strategies, including selecting the appropriate cloud service providers and migrating applications and data to the cloud. We help clients to integrate different systems, such as software applications or hardware devices, to ensure they work seamlessly together. (UI/UX, Prototypes,)

architecture design

Designing the overall architecture of IT systems, including the hardware, software, network, and data architecture, to ensure they are scalable, secure, and efficient.


Providing training to clients' IT staff, to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage and maintain their IT systems effectively. We also provide peer programming & code review.


We also manage and maintain the application stores and cloud infrastructure. This includes assistance with tasks such as managing app stores, updating dependencies, applying security patches, and performing regular updates to keep their systems running smoothly. Our team of experts can work closely with your IT staff to provide guidance, training, and ongoing support to help you get the most out of your cloud investments.

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experts you can hire to augment your team

Scrum Master

Responsible for leading a team to achieve specific project goals and objectives within a defined timeframe and budget. They oversee all aspects of a project, from planning and initiation to execution, monitoring, and closing.

product designer

Designing digital products, such as websites, mobile apps, and software interfaces. Expertise in user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, and interaction design to create engaging, user-friendly digital products.

software architect

Works closely with other members of the team, such as developers, testers, and project managers, to ensure that the software is designed to meet the desired functionality, performance, and scalability requirements of its product design.


Specializes in creating software applications or systems using programming languages and other software development tools.

QA & tester

Responsible for ensuring that software applications or systems are of high quality and meet the desired functionality, usability, and performance requirements.

dev Ops Engineer

Specializes in integrating software development and IT operations to improve the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of software delivery.

Why choose us for IT Consulting & iT staff augmentation

We can rapidly launch quality product into the market

We provide experts from different fields of software development

We can add more strength to your engineering team

We can help expand your staff if your IT resources is understaffed

We can help to optimize and allocate costs and resources effectively

We can train your team members if you lack proper team of expertise

We can help you scale up and scale down your team size

We can help speed up your increased demand for IT services

We provide an affordable alternative to in-house team which is more expensive

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A brand is a visual identity and the personality of your business or product. We can also help you with that.

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