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Banking application with Your brand™

Prebuilt Banking And Fintech Application with your custom Brand

Providing the market with fully customizable, cross platform banking/crypto application including all services and integrations deployed to Google Cloud.

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Regular security updates


Add your own features

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launch Wallet Application across all platforms

Let us help you deliver a suite of full featured applications including all backend systems and integrations so that your customers have access to the latest technology. For Fintechs we will take care of the commodity code while you add your product to our core app. For community banks and credit unions let us handle the customer facing apps and integration with your back-end processing so you can focus on helping your customers succeed financially. We include beautiful iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Web fintech/banking apps. We also integrate with your back office systems and third parties. We can help you move quickly and safely with our automated build/test and release to the app or beta stores with our automated build and test. Our app can quickly be extended with easy to write Dart code and the Flutter framework. We can cover all the UI development for you and even integrate your systems if needed for some features. We can help with security, compliance, performance and technology headaches for you.

Launch app in days

Fast time to market, we can have a pilot release within 7 days on the Apple, Android, Windows and Mac app stores. As you build your brand and theme you can see daily updates on the real devices your customers use.

Custom theme builder

Theme builder tool to customize 100% of the UI to your brand using Figma or Adobe assets as a base.

100% Cloud

All of our backend API's, servers, data stores and third-party integrations are deployed on Google Cloud so that you do not need to install software or hardware.

Fully secure app

Secure coding with best practices for the UI and back-end so that PCI and SOC2 compliance, pen tests and audit's go smoothly.

Wide range of Banking and Fintech Features

Core Banking Functionality

Checking and savings accounts, debit cards, bill pay, account transfer, consolidated net worth, direct deposit, KYC, account opening, international wire transfer, check deposit, ACH, statements, external account linking, Google Pay, Apple Pay and notifications.

Security and Compliance

Multi factor authentication with biometric, device fingerprint, OpenID, Oauth2 and WebAuth. Server side and app ready for PCI compliance audit. Data encryption in transit and at rest. Device Check for IOS and Play Integrity for Android to protect your backend resources from abuse such as billing fraud and phishing.

Crypto Currency Wallets

Non-custodial crypto currency wallets for most blockchains. With a non-custodial wallet, your customers own the keys.

AI Integration

AI based fraud detection, chat support and a soon to be released recommendation engine.


Extendable Dart code using clean coding and our clean architecture framework. Flutter training and mentoring.


Integrated analytics with extracts and reporting

Features Flexibility

Feature flags at compile and run time to dynamically add/remove features.

Continuous Testing

Automated integration, unit and A/B testing

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6 easy steps to build an app with your own branding

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01 Schedule a demo

Schedule a demo to see the white label app running on IOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

02 Choose from the app templates

Choose from a wide range of features and navigation options.

03 customize it to your own branding

Use our theme builder application or connect with our design team to make the app your own.

04 Release your app to beta Testers

Within 7 days we can have an app in your tester’s hands to help you build your minimum viable product. Our beta apps have built in feedback mechanism.

05 Finalize your technical features

Choose from our extensive list of features and even start adding your own features. All features are dynamic so they can be released over time as you build your product.

06 Onboard third party services

Our app uses third parties for backend processing and we will help you onboard with these vendors.

Benefits of Acme private label applications

In-House applicationsAcme applications
User interface/ User experienceManual design of every component in the app. Back and forth communication with the design team and the development team. Subjective debates about the best user experience. Custom Theme Builder to select your theme and rapidly deploy an intuitive and beautiful application. Every component and flow goes through extensive usability testing.
Development budgetMultiple design iterations and over burdened technology team cause delays and skyrocketing cost. Inexpensively transition your banking operations to use the latest technologies. Access to pre-built and tested banking features. Continuous updates to use the latest tech stack from Google and Apple.
Technology stackMixture of legacy and new technology with the challenges of integrating. Private label apps that offer built in functionality which can be enabled and disabled. Single code base for all UIs that is continuously updated. Scalable cloud services.
Time to launch applicationCustom development can take months or years to build a complex system.Pre-built applications which are ready to go with days with rapid launch.
Operation and maintenanceConstant server maintenance and updates. Mix of support and monitoring tools.We can be your technology partners. We include wide range of services such as OS updates and security patches. We have continual security and operational monitoring of all systems. Our support tool makes it easy to see and resolve your customers issues.

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